Food Industry



Food, Inc. – the trailer for a documentary about the food and farming industry, and its unhealthy practices (for people, animals and environment) that drive profits.

Fowl Play – the trailer for a documentary about typical factory egg farms and the lives of egg laying hens.

VIDEOS: (view entire film online)

WARNING: these videos are very graphic!  ***Not for Children!!***  The atrocities these animals endure are very painful to see, but I encourage you to be informed. When we purchase food products from the conventional meat and dairy industry, we are not only condoning their cruel practices, we are paying others to inflict this suffering on our behalf.

Farm to Fridge – a 12-minute brief overview of the daily practices used in raising and slaughtering pigs, beef cattle, chickens, and dairy cows.

Glass Walls:  “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.”  A 13-minute video, narrated by Paul McCartney, available to watch for free in entirety; documents the daily abuse that livestock animals endure.

Earthlings – an award-winning and incredibly moving, full-length documentary, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, and available for viewing in entirety for free on the website; shows the lives of our fellow earthlings, as we use them for food, entertainment, fur, leather, and lab testing.


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