Vegan vs. Paleo: Finding the Middle Way

Vegan and Paleo diets are the two fastest growing styles of eating in the U.S. these days. Why?  Because we are realizing that our Standard American Diet (a.k.a. “SAD”) is sorely devoid of many vital nutrients, while being full of processed and chemical ingredients that harm our bodies, promoting chronic illness. Both camps, vegan and … Continue reading Vegan vs. Paleo: Finding the Middle Way


Acupuncture for Cancer Care

Acupuncture as Complementary Care for Cancer, revised by Dawn Balusik AP, DOM (Excerpts published in Tampa Bay Wellness, Oct 2007) While cancer survival rates are increasing due to advancements in cancer treatment, the treatments themselves are still very taxing to the body, causing numerous debilitating side-effects.  Acupuncture is a perfect complementary option to lessen these side … Continue reading Acupuncture for Cancer Care