A Few of my Favorite Things

Happy Thanksgiving! Once again, I am inspired to write a Thanksgiving post, since this is my favorite holiday. As I've said before, connecting to gratitude in our lives is an incredibly healing force that impacts all aspects of our bodies and minds. You may have noticed that the title of this post is "A Few … Continue reading A Few of my Favorite Things


Learn from Home: Qi Gong for Self-Healing

You've heard of yoga and its wonderful benefits, right? And meditation, of course. And many people are familiar with the slow, martial arts type movements of Tai Qi ("tie chee"). But, have you heard about Qi Gong ("chee gung")? In fact, Tai Qi is one form of Qi Gong, of which there are many forms … Continue reading Learn from Home: Qi Gong for Self-Healing

Learn from Home: Cultivating “Calm”

Do you know anyone who experiences stress on a consistent basis? Could it be you? No matter what your health goals are -- whether it’s pain relief, more sleep, weight loss, or hormone balance -- chronic stress can work against your progress. And even though you can leave an acupuncture treatment feeling wonderfully grounded and … Continue reading Learn from Home: Cultivating “Calm”


Shifting our Inner Conversation

Monkey-Mind: You know that voice in your head that is always chattering away? The one that is usually telling you something is wrong? Or will go wrong. Or that you aren’t good enough in some way? Or that your house, car, job, boss, spouse, family, or life situation are somehow bad or in the wrong, … Continue reading Shifting our Inner Conversation


The Possibility of Your Healthiest Self

I see many different types of people and medical issues come through my door, and I often wonder what it is that has some people experience such incredibly dramatic, positive results, and others not as much. Obviously some problems inherently will respond better than others. This is true for all therapies and conditions. But even … Continue reading The Possibility of Your Healthiest Self


Reflections, New Perspectives and Wishes for 2013

I just returned from an unexpected trip to New Mexico to help a good friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer. When I lived in New Mexico, over 10 years ago, this friend was a sister to me, and her parents my family. So, when the news arrived of her diagnosis, and that she … Continue reading Reflections, New Perspectives and Wishes for 2013


Acupuncture Attitudes

As I see more patients I notice an interesting set of attitudes around acupuncture. Even after reading basic information on acupuncture, for most people there still isn't a clear understanding of what acupuncture is, what it isn't and how it works. So, many come to acupuncture with some erroneous ideas. Unfortunately, these ideas often hinder … Continue reading Acupuncture Attitudes