A Few of my Favorite Things

Happy Thanksgiving! Once again, I am inspired to write a Thanksgiving post, since this is my favorite holiday. As I've said before, connecting to gratitude in our lives is an incredibly healing force that impacts all aspects of our bodies and minds. You may have noticed that the title of this post is "A Few … Continue reading A Few of my Favorite Things


Shifting our Inner Conversation

Monkey-Mind: You know that voice in your head that is always chattering away? The one that is usually telling you something is wrong? Or will go wrong. Or that you aren’t good enough in some way? Or that your house, car, job, boss, spouse, family, or life situation are somehow bad or in the wrong, … Continue reading Shifting our Inner Conversation

Reflections, New Perspectives and Wishes for 2013

I just returned from an unexpected trip to New Mexico to help a good friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer. When I lived in New Mexico, over 10 years ago, this friend was a sister to me, and her parents my family. So, when the news arrived of her diagnosis, and that she … Continue reading Reflections, New Perspectives and Wishes for 2013


The Medicine of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is certainly one of my favorite holidays.  In most of our day-to-day lives we are striving to do/be/have more.  Thanksgiving asks us to stop and look from a different perspective, to reflect on what we have, what we've been given, what we've created and become, and most importantly, who we have in … Continue reading The Medicine of Gratitude