Dr. Dawn’s Healthy Breakfast Scramble

Recipe (gluten-free, paleo, ovo-vegetarian) This quick and easy, 1-pan breakfast scramble is healthy, delicious, and contains many ingredients found to help reduce inflammation. Be sure to use only organic, cage-free, humanely-raised hen eggs to ensure there are Omega-3 fatty acids in the yolks. Otherwise, the eggs could promote inflammation rather than reduce it. (You cannot … Continue reading Dr. Dawn’s Healthy Breakfast Scramble


Easy-to-Digest Foods for Upset Tummies, updated

(published in Tampa Bay Wellness, April 2013) Do you have a “touchy” digestive system? Many people struggle with digestive problems. This could include anything from an occasional mild stomach upset, stomach flu, or food poisoning, to morning sickness, frequent attacks of gall bladder, gastritis, colitis or irritable bowel. Or even the side-effects of chemotherapy treatment. … Continue reading Easy-to-Digest Foods for Upset Tummies, updated

Mint Chocolate Chia “Tapioca” Pudding

Recipe (vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free)Around the holidays I seem to often get a craving for mint-chocolate treats. Rather than succumbing to a sugar-laden cookie or coffee drink, I have been experimenting with making my own satisfying, yet extremely healthy treat, full of antioxidants, beneficial fats, and fiber.Here is my newest creation.  Try it and see what … Continue reading Mint Chocolate Chia “Tapioca” Pudding